Find out here very soon all the information concerning Address-Expert

Over 20 years expertise in retail and luxury sectors

  • Consulting services : We guide you through the operational marketing process both in France as well as abroad.
  • Sale of software
    • Data quality : License sale of Spectrum platform from Pitney Bowes Software (functional, technical approach and integration). This platform is an essential data quality tool for your databases or your multichannel campaigns, both in France and internationally.
    • CRM : Portrait license sale in partnership with Pitney Bowes Software : Analyze, understand and anticipate your clients behaviour in order to get an optimal ROI.
  • Worldwide Saas mode services
    • Creation of customized automated processing, gathering several data quality and enhancement modules, with an analytic part upon request.
    • Web Service :
      • Through our servers, via URL call
      • On premise : software installed on client’s site
    • Data capture : postal address and email address
    • Standard or Premium Service Level Agreement according to your needs
  • B2C and B2B file brooking : A valuable breeding ground of many thousands of files in France and worldwide, with list broker and owner partnerships. This allows you to better segment, target and increase your response rates on multichannel marketing campaigns and enriches your database.
  • All legal issues concerning your database marketing : We help you to create a suitable legal framework so that you can use your database in confidence.
  • Postal Cleaning : Achieve the standardization of the addresses, according to the official French and international postal repositories (190 countries / 226 postal destinations)
  • Title processing (Mr / Ms) : It enriches, controls and validates your titles, thanks to a database of first names all over the world. (More than 150 000 first names)
  • Avoid duplication / deduplication : comparing data within the same source or within several sources, to identify duplicates with the ability to operate the data fusion and enrich your database.
  • B2B and B2C data enhancement : We offer a range of services in order to enhance your French and International database while respecting the prevailing legislation in each country.